Saturday, 20 September 2008

First day of the rest of my Life

I quit work this week. I simply walked in that room and said- I've had enough. I cant quite put my finger to a single point in my life that I decided 'YES! I want to spend most of my waking hours in front of a computer drawing up Architectural details and schedules". but thats where I ended up.
so I quit. I needed more. I am now back on track following my passions and freedom.

I am getting ready for what, hopefully, will be a great adventure. a once in a lifetime experience. And so I am preparing myself metally, as much as one can, to a year in Italy. a year of great food, wine, architecture, Aesthetics, new people, new language, new scenery, new routine.
I now have to deal with the present- packing my life here- the flat, the cat, family and friends. Getting ready for the unknown unexpected.
my aim is to keep a journal. a way of recording my experiences and sharing them. This is it.

Bon Appetite

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