Monday, 1 December 2008

Spontaneous Cremona

Today we had a lecture on food technology. In actuality it was the transference of technical information on cured meat. But I saw Architecture. Pig as building material. The ways in which, developed over time and out of necessity, a pork is transformed into meat products, that last for extended time periods, and makes use of all particles, with an incredible range of tastes, smells, textures & appreances. I find the entire process incredibly creative. A system, in space through time. Architecture.
As we had the afternoon off, we made use of the free time and headed to Cremona. The birth place of Stradivarius Violins. We just hopped in the car, and in less than hour there we were, though it seemed the local population was elsewhere, leaving the city mostly to us...
Natale, Xmas, is in the air and all the street decorations covered the city with festivity...It really was beatiful.
I had a meat free day today. A first since I got here. Although I managed to steer clear of Pork for the day (among today's lunch menu were lamb chops covered in pork, with truffles...), dinner consisted of Buffalo Mozzarella pizza, and Colorno's finest ice cream. Luckily I am surrounded by food obsessed such as myself, who instead of seeking help, went to Italy to feed this obsession!
Oh well, you only live once :)

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  1. All this pork around and amongst us, brings to mind, with clear emphasis,the top question for this weekend: how do you create a seamless merger between the Pork and the Tchulent?
    Which parts will work the best? how much fat to add? Sausage yes /no? and how would the Toscanian welcome of this dish be?
    So may questions of cosmic magnitude alas, no answer.