Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cured meat

23 of anything can't be a good thing.
Following the chocolate tasting session that consisted of 23 different pieces of chocolate it was time for cured meat tasting, 23 different types to be exact (+ a bonus cut...).
Once again the tasting took place after a ususally large lunch, and featured cured ham, cooked ham, smoked ham and pork by-products such as the ominpresent yet not always announced lard varieties, and mortadella cuts (that make use of tripe, skin emulsion, and other appetizing bits and pieces).

Lest we forget novelty cuts such as cured sheep leg (bearing an uncanny resemblance to the sole of my shoe), and the petite cured goose leg.
Oh, and there was Cava too, to wash it all down.
It's at times like this I remind myself how pleasant it is to live in a bubble…
Till the next tasting…

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