Saturday, 20 June 2009


The 24 of us are now used to sharing the confined space of the bus. It is a quiet journey. 5 days in Veneto, highlights in pictures.

Perbellini, a modest looking pasticceria on the outside is a mammoth factory behind the scenes. Our visit coincided with the making of millefoglie; layers of butter filled pastry spread with thick whipped cream and amaretti crumbs, then coated in more whipped cream and crumbs. That’s plenty of cream, butter and sugar. There were also éclairs, colorful pastries, custards of sorts, cakes, creams and biscuits. The tour ended with a tasting of all the pastries on show, served with bottles of coke and sweetened coffee. No. more. Sweet. 

A typical Padovan street food is the squid poached in wine and seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and lemon. The squid is fished out of the steel cooker onto a plastic plate, its arms and tentacles chopped, as well as the head, revealing the less appetizing brain and innards. This is accompanied with bread designed to soak up all the juices and remaining sauce.  Cunning.

Melotti rice farm, La Montecchia winery, San Cassiano winery and olive oil producer, Bertani winery, Albertini restaurant, Sorelle Bronca winery,  32 Via de Birrai, Bibanesi artisanal grissini company.

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