Saturday, 15 August 2009

Let Go

Lecco, a city at the end of the southeastern branch of Lake Como is home to pizzoccheri (Buckwheat pasta), neighbor to George Clooney, and my host for a couple of days. And, by the looks of it, having a fresh water lake surrounded by monumental mountains at the foots of one’s door step is breathtaking if not terribly convenient on a bleaching hot August day. A fact obvious to the many locals that shared the sharp stoned lake shores, other then us. Beer on top of a mountain, accompanied by a packet of local Fonzies, with a panorama opening to green fields, small lakes, and scattered villages proved a pleasant activity passing time in the heat.

This was my first tasting of pizzoccheri, and, although healthy sounding, this is the North of Italy, code word to cold winters, thus food is made with the intent of providing maximum calories, ie. comfort food. The pizzoccheri swims in butter, literally, alongside fontina cheese, parmesan, potatoes and greens, accompanied by loyal friends, home made sausage in a bun and glass of red wine. Yes, its August, midday, and a hot one at that. And whilst it’s wrong, it feels so right.

A couple of days in the sun, ice cold beers, and too much Gelato (yes, there is such a thing), and at the end of it all sitting on a balcony surrounded by pre alps mountains, clear skies, good company, a glass of local wine and freshly made food is really all one could ask for.

Here is a recipe for pizzoccheri

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