Friday, 1 June 2012

South Korea. In not so many words.

9 days of street food, Korean BBQs, local fresh produce, raw fish and seafood, plenty of chili, sesame oil and Kimchi Kimchi Kimchi. As is, fried and in soup. 
There were Pajeon (pancakes) and red bean paste, cuttlefish crisps (with peanut) and rice, because rice is all you really need at any given time be it a breakfast porridge served alongside a rice tea, cooked with chili, placed in soup, as noodles or in dumplings, sweet or spicy, as a cool drink or a sharp wine, in cakes or for dessert. 
Fish were a plenty: raw, dried and fermented, in soup, as snacks or as pancakes and it turns out one can never have enough of BBQ;  touch and go spicy hot grilled eel, pork, octopus, beef, chicken, clams and other mollusks were all, at one point or another, placed on a leafy green, slathered in chili paste and scrunched up to a green bundle of mouthwatering goodness.
I'd do it again and I'd do it right now.