Saturday, 23 July 2016


Back from Budapest, Paris of the East, where schmaltz serves as butter, caviar and foie gras are casually spread on wonder bread, sandwiches are szendvics and plum jam dumplings (gombotz) are embedded in rich cream cakes. 

Its a little bit rock, a little beet glam and a little bit rough around the edges. All in all, a success

Sour cherry lemonade @ Ruszwurm cafe 
Sour cherries @ Budapest's great market hall
Kürtőskalács, Hungarian spit cake

Sandwiches @ Szimpla Kert farmers market
Afternoon tea on Herend porcelain @ The Four Seasons
Open faced sandwiches at Duran. casual glam with a dollop of caviar 
The metro
Dobos, Esterhazy & Tortes & plum gombotz plum tortes @ Szamos 
The plum dumpling torte, up close