Monday, 12 January 2009

Cheese Tasting

I have been officially introduced to the wonderful world of cheese tasting.
I say wonderful but I mean intense. Literally.
I had tasted a lot of cheeses in the space of 24 hours. 13, to be exact. my experience is that cheese tasting is equivalent to having your brain cut open and than messed about with. I shall explain.
Beyond the variety of sulphurus, rotten egg, mouldy smells of cheese we all know and love, there is a world of aromas, tastes, textures and sensations to be experienced and identified. A process requiring a state of deep concentration, enabling the brain to isolate and separate each smell, aroma, taste and sensation, which than needs to be identified. Things like, and I quote: '' a lot a lot of boiled potatoes'', and ''animal sweat''…what did I file this aroma under in my brain??
And than there's the tricky part of getting it right, too…

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