Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Texture of Ice Cream

At the early hours of Saturday morning, long before sunrise, or maybe after, (one cant tell since Colorno was devoured by a giant white cloud several days ago), Katie and myself headed to the coastal town of Rimini, to the annual, international ice cream, pastry, confectionary and bakery industry fair, sigep.
It turns out that ALL of Italy was devoured by the giant cloud's family because throughout the entire journey we could only see 20 meters ahead.
A coffee break in Bologna turned into an unplanned exploratory tour of a local supermarket, and after a scan through the fresh goods in the fish stand, the bakery, the pork extravaganza and the countless types of cheese on offer we headed to the coast.
The exhibition occupied a huge convention complex, showing everything and anything involved in having ice cream; the machinery, equipment, tools, decorations, packaging, and what not. Yes, there were deals being closed, professional competitions, chocolate sculptures, international bread makers and pastry shows, but the best part by far, were the ice cream stands, free of charge, any flavour, all time…
I, however, was missing two things, or better yet, two senses, to make this really enjoyable: Taste and smell.
I had managed to breed and nurture a cold to reach peak congestion on the day. I could smell and taste NOTHING.
the only thing I could do was to experience ice cream as texture.
Note to self (the abridged version): the texture of ice cream is rather pleasing!

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