Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Chocolate Tasting

You never think you can have too much chocolate, that is until you have a chocolate tasting class right after lunch (which consisted of dessert that was essentially pastry spread with a jar of Nutella and topped with some additional pastry).
The tasting was what one might call, eating a box of chocolate bonbons; a variety of 23 chocolates, including a 100% cocoa chocolate, a hazelnut praline, a cherry Grappa praline, Gianduja, extra virgin olive oil & salt praline, Szechuan pepper praline, balsamic vinegar praline and Habanero chilli praline to name a few.
I put on a brave face and did what I had to do.
I think I've had enough of chocolate for a while.
Then again, tomorrow is another day.
UPDATE: I woke up at 05.30am. This never happens to me.
I'm pretty sure it was the chocolate from within...

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