Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Venice Experience

I have returned from a place that exceeds fantasy and is beyond time. Venice is real and timeless.
The narrow alleys, winding and intertwining, made walking with a map a useless attempt to restrain and control her. But she had bigger plans. so that idea was abandoned and soon enough we let the city lead us and show us the way.
The city is surprisingly quiet. It’s the sound of an old and wise city, one that has survived centuries of passers by and is unfathomed by the constant attention. She is beyond it. Other than the odd clip- clop sound of a random pedestrian, a peaceful silence dominates the air, while a displaced helicopter serves a reminder that I am here and now as opposed to anywhere else.
Its carnival weekend, and after a brief window shopping session we have our maschera, masks, and are ready to go about town.
The elaborate, well tailored ball gowns and periodical costumes magically transport Venice back in time and out of reality.
When our time in Venice drew to a close, Venice objected. I think she didn’t want us to leave. Not yet. In fact, she was pretty clear about her wishes and took an active role in ensuring she would get her way.
On Sunday night, we naively went to the train station. what we had encountered we should have foreseen… as if taken from a scene in a film on wartime hardship, the station was packed with visitors desperate to leave the island and return home, all wanting to get on our train!
Plan B. there is NO plan B.
so we stayed another night. If Venice insists, who am I to disagree?
The city had repossessed herself once again, with most of the tourists gone after yet another colorful festive carnival, and we were the lucky ones to stay and enjoy; A restaurant fully booked the night before greeted us with a smile, a sestiere we hadn’t ventured to was peaceful and inviting.
I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I am not a Venice virgin anymore.
Memorable dish (a haiku)
White polenta & black ink
squid. Literally.
Monochrome is not my plate

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