Wednesday, 19 November 2008

1st day of school

1st day of school.Finally. We had an introduction, met the tutors, went over the annual schedule. Basically we have more trips than we thought, the tutors seem nice & helpfull and we all introduced ourselves, 24 people that share their passion for food, ranging from lawyers, chefs, writers, competitive food organizers, architects(me!)...
We were than given a tour of the campus, and had lunch.
Lunch is cooked by ALMA cooking school. More like 'world reknowned Italian cooking school'. In Buffet style, we were served fresh anchovies, sardines, saffron risotto (pure comfort), several types of meat with Mustard jelly (tastes better than it sounds), something I thought was seafood salad, but turned out to be a casserole of cow stomach, salad, some fruit, chocolate truffles, nougat... honestly- I pinched myself. I mean, WOW. Big WOW. Although we were warned, as it is students that cook we can expect some bad days...
Also, theres a Gastronomic event in Faenza this weekend, with tasting workshops, and a valpolicella tasting event in Parma, so It'll probably be a busy weekend...
This morning I had to tackle the infamous Italian Beaurocracy. Its up there with the French and British Beaurocracy, fighting it out. I wont go into it. Suffice to say it entailed long periods of waiting, and that I didnt manage to get it done. In true form.
I did, however, manage to spot a Mary on a shelf right outside my bedroom window. A personal mary.

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