Friday, 28 November 2008


Its Friday Afternoon. A heavily snowy day.They seem to come out of nowhere. Literally. Last night the sky was clear, with only a faint smell of cows. Someone said thats an indication for snow to come. I will never doubt that again. Our History of food class was cancelled and so I have some time. There dosnt seem to be enough hours in the day despite the fact I am living in a remote village... This is a good time for a recap of the week's highlights.
On Tuesday we spent the afternoon in Parma. I found Tahini, and I realised that within less than two weeks, I have eaten more pork than in the past 10 years put together, and that I have slipped into deep hibernation mode. Polenta, Risotto, and Pasta provide comfort to me and my stomach. Its Winter. But a real one. Fruit & veg are a thing of the past.
This was the first time I'd spent in Parma, and first impression was the abundance of specialty food shops. It was impossible to walk two minutes without entering a shop with Prociutto hanging in the window, Parmesan, handmade pastas, chocolate, wine and goodness in general. As I am surrounded by food lovers, its a given that we walk into and exlore every single one.
We had ice cream at GROM as an early evening appetizer, where I had the yogurt and marron glace flavours. We walked into Enoteca Fontana, not knowing its THE place for wine, with a wine list as long as "crime and punishment", and a wonderful selection of local cheese and cured meat sandwiches.
The following night us Colorno girls enjoyed a quiet manicure evening, Prosecco & chocolate included, joining nail varnish powers. We are coming up with a nightlife perfectly tailored to a quiet country life.
Thursday was Thanksgiving, more like Gratzie giving, as we're all thanking our Italian status, and a dinner was held at the village pub, cooked by us & the adjacent Italian Master programme.
My gratitude was expressed through chestnut pancakes drizzled with chocolate ganache and roasted chestnuts. I am heading towards a warm & cosy weekend reading all things pork, ahead of a fast approaching cured meat field trip in the Emilia Romana region. More to come on that.

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