Tuesday, 18 November 2008

First day in Colorno

This is it. The past few months were packed with preperations followed by stress and now I find myself lying in my (squeaky) bed, in my new room, in a flat, with a flatmate, my setting for the next 12 months.
Needless to say that last night I was trying to overcome the buds of panic that I tend to develop when removed from my safe place. The feeling mostly resembles a mollusk without its shell, if speaking in culinary terms...But exhaustion overtook and so I was spared...
I had a long day that started at 4am, I parted from all that wass familiar and headed to the airport. I landed in Milan, hopped on a shuttle bus to Milan's central station, and other than the driver bashing his side mirror into a truck whilst driving on the highway, it all went rather smoothly. Just as I realised I had only a few minutes left before my train parts, and absolutely lost as to the Italian method of knowing which train is on what platform, my phone rang. The one familiar face in the whole of Italy called me from the station. So there was a quick coffee, and guidance right down to the coach seat! Three hours later, 2 trains and a taxi ride away, I was in Colorno. The taxi driver, on hearing of my nationality, expressed to me in the English that he had acquired, of his concerns regarding Italy's future in the light of the Muslims' invasion to the EU, giving me no chance after 12 hours of travelling overweight...
Right now I wish to discuss odd. weird.
Waking up to church bells, set in a rural setting that is now my home. Thats odd. Stepping out for a Machiatto and Brioche, only to find out today is market day in the village, literally 2 minutes from my
doorstep. Not my regular routine. Zucchini flowers casually lay with all the vegetables, (including a purple leek but as of yet no cucumbers to be seen anywhere). Chestnut flour on sale besides Bananas and Oranges. cant say thats common. The abruptness of it all is hard to comprehend.
However, and most importantly, I figured out the heating and hot water, so its all warm and cosy. (Although, I must add I am so sore...carrying lots, a spring bed and quite a cold winter, I feel it all)

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